Potential Causes of Malignant Mesothelioma

How did you contract your mesothelioma? Does smoking increase your chance of catching this disease?

Is It In Our DNA?

Cancers like mesothelioma and the others begin in our body when our cells sustain some damage to their DNA. Our DNA is the operating system of our body. It dictates what happens where and for how long and how often. It tells cells how long to grow and when to die. That’s why many people believe that cancer is linked to DNA damage – because cancer usually means cells growing out of control.

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May I Smoke? Sure.

Guess what…Smoking doesn’t increase your chances of getting mesothelioma. So that is some good news. However…if you’re a smoker who lives near an asbestos mine you may wish to consider moving. You can keep on smoking but get the heck away from any source of asbestos, in my opinion.

Radiation Therapy

Did you know that when radiation therapy is done for certain cancers the patient has been known to catch mesothelioma later on? That is probably because some of the DNA was damaged by the radiation so it is now giving out new and incorrect instructions to the cells – so some of them may begin to grow out of control.

Asbestos Exposure

As you may know, exposure to asbestos is the absolutely top primary reason people come down with mesothelioma. Asbestos fibers are extremely small…and they are impervious to heat and fire, so they can be breathed in and sit in the lining of our lungs for years, causing trouble in later-life.